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The Shetland Sheepdog

Background:  The Shetland Sheepdog, like the Collie, traces to the Border Collie of Scotland which, transported to the Shetland Islands and crossed with small, intelligent, longhaired breeds, was reduced to miniature proportions.  Subsequently, crosses were made from time to time with Collies.  This breed now bears the same relationship in size and general appearance to the Rough Collie as the Shetland Pony does to some of the larger breeds of horses.  Although the resemblance between the Shetland Sheepdog and the Rough Collie is marked, there are differences.

Description:  The Shetland Sheepdog should resemble a Collie in miniature.  Height should be 13" to 16" at the top of the shoulder.  The colors are Sable (ranging from a light, golden brown to a dark mahogany), Black, or Blue Merle, with varying amounts of white and/or tan.  The expression should be alert, gentle, intelligent and questioning.  The Sheltie is intensely loyal, affectionate, and responsive to its owner.  However, it may be reserved toward strangers, but not to the point of showing fear or cringing in the ring.

If you are interested in acquiring a Sheltie, get to know the breed a little better by contacting your local Sheltie Club (see list of club websites).  A Sheltie Club can recommend breeders for you to contact to give you information on seminars, shows and matches to attend to better educate yourself about the breed.

Please do not purchase a Sheltie from a pet store. Since reputable breeders will not sell to pet stores, a pet store's only source of merchandise is through puppy mills and breeders who do not discriminate to whom they sell their Shelties.  Purchasing a Sheltie from a pet store keeps these mass production puppy mills and indiscriminate breeders in business, and exposes you, the Sheltie-owning public, to the possibilities of poor health, improper vaccinating practices and other issues common to poorly bred and improperly cared-for dogs.

All Shelties need quality veterinary care, high-quality and nutritionally balanced diets, routine grooming, adequate housing, and as much love and attention as you can give!

Information Resources

"Sheltie Talk" by Bette Jo McKinney & Barbara Riesberg "The Illustrated Shetland Sheepdog Standard" by Jean D. Simmons
"The New Complete Shetland Sheepdog" by Maxwell Riddle "The Shetland Sheepdog in America" by Charlotte Clem McGowen
"The Shetland Sheepdog" by
Cathy Merrithew
"The Book of the Shetland Sheepdog" by Anna Katherine Nicholas
"The Proper Care of Shetland Sheepdogs" by Sandy Ganz
& Rick Thompson
"The Shetland Sheepdog" by Catherine Coleman Moore

Additional information about the Sheltie, Sheltie Rescue, local breed clubs and other information resources may be found on our Links page.

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